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The Sri Lanka Army spearheaded the Humanitarian Operation in North and East engaging in high risk battles and contributed immensely to the long awaited peace that Sri Lankans enjoy today. The Air Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd is the latest sphere of Sri Lanka Army in which they have adopted new roles in 2011, nearly two years after the military victory over the terrorism in North and East. Air Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd was registered as a

private liability company on 19 November 2010 under the company acts no 7 of 2007 creating a landmark in the history of the Sri Lanka Army. It was initially established under the patronage of the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General J .Jayasuriya USP ndu psc and President of the Army Seva Vanitha branch Mrs. Manjulika Jayasuriya at the Army Headquarters on 15 December 2010 and later Air Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd was ceremonially declared opened by Hon. Gotabaya Rajapaksa RWP RSP psc Secretary, Ministry Of Defense on14 March 2011 at Malay Street, Colombo 2. Main objective of establishing this travel agency was to reduce the travel expenditure of the Army, which allocates a huge amount of annual budget for air travel. Later these facilities were extended by providing air tickets and tour packages to the civilians as a commercial venture which benefited the Army in return. Air Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd became one of the proactive travel organizations in Sri Lanka within a short span of time and transaction level operations of this organization are executed by a team of professionally qualified experts, who are well versed with the complexities of travel and tourism trade. Further Air Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd received the International Air Transport Association (IATA) status with effect from 07th March 2013.

Its main function is to provide air tickets on concessionary basis for army officers and non-commissioned officers for career courses, non-career courses, official visits, personal visits and offer pilgrimage and special holiday package tours for the family members of officers and non-commissioned officers of Sri Lanka Army, In collaboration with Sri Lanka Army Financial Management Branch, Directorate of Welfare, Directorate of Training and Directorate of Movement. There are 6 Directors, who are making top management decisions on behalf of the Commander of the Army. The Officer Commanding (OC) of the Sri Lanka Army Air Travels (Pvt) Ltd is responsible for the effective function of the travel office and performance management of the Sri Lanka Army Air Travels (Pvt) Ltd. There are four Ticketing Officers, a Tour Coordinator and an Account Officer under the direct supervision of OC of the Sri Lanka Army Air Travels (Pvt) Ltd. Ticketing Officers are responsible for issuing of the required air travel tickets and the Tour Coordinator is responsible for coordinating pilgrimage and special holiday package tours for Sri Lankan Army officers, non-commissioned officers and general public on concessionary basis, while achieving competitive advantage with high standard of value added services. There are four IATA (International Air Transport Association) qualified Ticketing Officers within the agency staff who are competent in selling international air transportation and issuing electronic travel documents and report these to the BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan). Air Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd obtained the Group “A” Air Transport License from the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka with effect from 10 August 2011 and is operating on internationally recognized Global Distribution Systems for its operation.